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Things to Do in Byron Bay


Cape Byron Lighthouse
10 Tours and Activities

Perched high on the sea cliffs at the edge of Cape Byron—Australia’s easternmost point—the Cape Byron Lighthouse has been guarding the rocky shores of the Pacific since 1901. One of Byron Bay’s most memorable landmarks, the lighthouse affords panoramic views along the coast and is home to a Maritime Museum.

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Main Beach
7 Tours and Activities

With sun-blushed golden sands, surf-worthy waves, and a backdrop of forested hills; Main Beach is Byron Bay’s flagship beach. Stretching along the town’s seafront promenade, it’s a favorite among locals and draws sunseekers from all around the country to swim, surf, and scuba dive.

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Wategos Beach
4 Tours and Activities

To the east, and within walking distance, of Byron Bay’s town center and main beach, the picturesque, sheltered Wategos Beach is a popular spot for surfing, swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, and making use of the numerous beachside picnic tables and barbecues. A visit to Wategos Beach promises a relaxing time and excellent scenery.

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Lennox Head
8 Tours and Activities

The coastal village of Lennox Head—conveniently situated between Ballina and Byron Bay—is loved by travelers for its sleepy seaside feel, lush surroundings, and surf breaks. The beach area around Lennox Point is well-known for its right-hand break, so surfers flock from far and wide to test the waters. In fact, Lennox Head is now considered a National Surfing Reserve.

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Minyon Falls
3 Tours and Activities

From the lookout at Minyon Falls, visitors will hear the roar of cascading, rushing water as it falls over the rock formations and gathers in a natural swimming pool down below. In addition to the waterfall, travelers can also catch coastal views and let the surrounding rain forest engulf their senses. Whether visiting the falls while passing through on a hiking trek or a cycling adventure, stop and enjoy this World-Heritage-listed wonder at Nightcap National Park.

Provided picnic tables and barbecue pits make the falls an excellent place to rest and refuel for the journey back out of the park. Take a dip in the freshwater pool beneath the falls before heading off!

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Cape Byron
5 Tours and Activities

Mainland Australia’s most easterly point, Cape Byron juts out into the Pacific Ocean above the seaside town of Byron Bay, topped with the historic Cape Byron Lighthouse. A walking loop delivers sweeping views of bay and beaches, while the headland and life-filled waters below it form the Cape Byron State Conservation Area.

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Belongil Beach
1 Tour and Activity

Stretching 1.5 miles (2.5 kilometers to the north of Byron Bay's Main Beach, all the way up to the Belongil Creek mouth, Belongil Beach offers a welcome respite from the crowds of the popular Main Beach. It is also known for having several diverse sections to suit the needs of many, from a dog-friendly area to a nude-friendly area.

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Seven Mile Beach

You’ll find plenty of beaches around Byron Bay and dotting the coastline of the expanded region. But for those that wish to get far out of the town and away from typical surfing and swimming hot spots, expansive Seven Mile Beach calls. This peaceful stretch of sand is ideal for those who prefer a quieter escape and fewer crowds.

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The Pass

Byron Bay’s reputation as one of Australia’s surf hot spots is in large part thanks to The Pass and surfers flock to the beach from all around the globe. Fringed by white sands, rock pools, and the bush-covered headlands of Cape Byron; it’s a scenic spot for strolling, surfing, and snorkeling.

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