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Things to Do in León

One of the charms of a visit to Nicaragua is exploring the pretty colonial cities. There is a historic rivalry between Granada and León, which is one of the reasons Managua (located right between the two) was chosen as the country’s capital city. Rather than play favorites, why not visit both and compare them for yourself?

León is roughly 66 miles from Managua, and the second-largest city in Nicaragua. The colonial architecture of Granada is widely regarded as being better preserved, but León’s is impressive as well. Leon has long been a center of learning - this has been a university city since the early 1800s - and this walkable city is also known for its numerous churches. A bus trip from Managua will take between one and a half and two hours one-way, so you can make it a (long) day trip or plan to spend a night or two for a more relaxed visit.
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